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restoring relational intimacy

The human soul is wired to perceive the world and the self differently after it has endured experiences of mistreatment, unmet relational needs, and neglect or loss.  Unfortunately, one of the lingering injustices of experiencing a history of unreliable and inconsistent relationships is that the soul becomes distrustful to vulnerability and intimacy.  And although this protective stance against vulnerability is intended to be self-preserving, an ​unintended side-effect is that we remain cut-off and disconnected from the people we love, and we begin to experience ourselves as unlovable.

Processes of restorative engagement can be helpful if your relationship has experienced any of the following:
  • deteriorating sense of connection and/or lingering feelings of being under appreciated
  • disagreements which rely on strategies of insulting or silencing the other​ person
  • asserting one's position within the relationship through the creation and exploitation of relational power imbalances
  • ​​​​unexplainable feelings of distrust, pessimism or skepticism
  • ​patterns of emotional betrayal or infidelities

​Restorative Engagement Therapy
 carefully explores the historical implications of vulnerability from both personal and socio-political perspectives.  And gradually engages various physiological structures of the mind, as a way of conditioning the psyche to experience secure states of vulnerability and intimacy. This is accomplished by engaging both cognitive (rational) and affective (emotional) structures of the brain; ultimately promoting changes necessary to experience genuine connection and healthy relationships.
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relational intimacy

Restorative Engagement Therapy infuses principles of social justice with tradi-tional forms of therapy; restoring self-assuredness, human connection, dignity and soulfulness.

The aims of Restorative Engagement Therapy:

1. Restore clients' capacity
    ​for healthy interpersonal

2. Restore the self-
    ​regulatory capacity of
    ​clients' neural circuitry.

3. Rightfully restore clients'
    ​life experiences into a
    ​proper historical context
    ​of resiliency.

4. Restore clients to their
    ​dignified-selves by
    ​addressing the moral
    ​injuries that underlie

one-on-one therapy
​​giving voice to personal self-assurance following experiences of denigration, marginalization and other unjust treatment