one-on-one therapy

restoring emotional resilience​​

Uncomfortable emotional states such as depression or anxiety often emerge when difficult life conditions have profoundly impacted psycho-biological processes which naturally occur in our bodies and minds - creating a persistent felt-sense of powerlessness or loss.  This is particularly evident in cases when the human soul has endured harsh treatment, trauma or significant losses over protracted periods or during critical stages of development.  Following this type of mistreatment or loss, the neurological-systems which are responsible for our self-regulation are in a constant state of high-alert.  Although this high-alert status is the human soul's attempt to protect itself from further injury, ultimately this leads to symptoms of dysregulation which are typically associated with depression, anxiety or trauma.

The affective processes of restorative engagement may help you if you've experienced any of the following:
  • ​constant sense of distraction due to worry, stress, anxiousness, agitation or shame
  • diminished sense of motivation or frequent feelings of dread, burnout or resentment
  • experiences of overwhelm during social engagements or frequent periods of isolation
  • maintaining personal secretive information because of significant embarrassment or shame
  • past exposure to dangerous circumstances that required you to compromise your values in order to survive
  • exposure to significant loss, traumatic loss or repeat experiences of powerlessness

​Restorative Engagement Therapy
 is a multi-layered process for reflecting on significant experiences and circumstances which have impacted your life.  By understanding the events and conditions you have endured, we get a better sense of why neurological systems within the mind are in a perpetually vigilant state of self-preservation.  Through affective processes, these systems can be prompted for re-conditioning and more efficient self-regulation, ultimately cultivating increased opportunities for quiet optimism and peace of mind.
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Restorative Engagement Therapy infuses principles of social justice with tradi-tional forms of therapy; restoring self-assuredness, human connection, dignity and soulfulness.

The aims of Restorative Engagement Therapy:

1. Restore clients' capacity
    ​for healthy interpersonal

2. Restore the self-
    ​regulatory capacity of
    ​clients' neural circuitry.

3. Rightfully restore clients'
    ​life experiences into a
    ​proper historical context
    ​of resiliency.

4. Restore clients to their
    ​dignified-selves by
    ​addressing the moral
    ​injuries that underlie

one-on-one therapy
​​giving voice to personal self-assurance following experiences of denigration, marginalization and other unjust treatment
couple's therapy
cultivating genuine connection and intimacy within relationships after a lifetime of protecting against vulnerability