affective processes​

​The​​ affective processes of Restorative Engagement Therapy are designed to engage and restore the mind-and-soul's ability to experience a fluid range of emotional states with self-assuredness, dignity and healthy anticipation.  This is accomplished by cultivating fine neurological adjustments to the mind's self-regulatory capacities. This type of neural fine-tuning is initiated through processes of affective attunement, whereby the therapist develops a heightened intuitive connection to the client's moment-to-moment emotional states. This therapeutic attunement cultivates a shared witnessing of emotional states that typically remain unexpressed and unaddressed.  By working with unexpressed emotional states various neurological systems within the mind are conditioned for increased congruency.  This in turn fosters more self-assuredness and reduces cyclical patterns of self-criticalness, second-guessing, guilt and shame. When self-regulatory capacities are well-conditioned, the human soul is primed to experience the following:
  • deep interpersonal connections brought about through genuine emotional expression
  • reduced concerns that emotions will be a source of confusion, betrayal or unwanted exposure
  • ​increased ability to experience secure states of vulnerability with loved ones for more healing relationships
  • more frequent experiences of spontaneous compassion, gratitude and emotional wisdom
​Developed by Lance Tango, Restorative Engagement Therapy cultivates holistic changes by also engaging cognitive (rational) structures of the mind - restoring the soul's capacity for self-affirming perception and interoception (internal emotional sensations).
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Restorative Engagement Therapy infuses principles of social justice with tradi-tional forms of therapy; restoring self-assuredness, human connection, dignity and soulfulness.

The aims of Restorative Engagement Therapy:

1. Restore clients' capacity
    ​for healthy interpersonal

2. Restore the self-
    ​regulatory capacity of
    ​clients' neural circuitry.

3. Rightfully restore clients'
    ​life experiences into a
    ​proper historical context
    ​of resiliency.

4. Restore clients to their
    ​dignified-selves by
    ​addressing the moral
    ​injuries that underlie