​one-on-one therapy

restoring self assurance​

As human beings, we are wired to take in and integrate information 
from our environment to ensure our survival.  Not surprisingly, the human soul will naturally perceive the world and the self differently ​after it has endured experiences of denigration, abuse and unjust losses. Following significant and prolonged mistreatment, our concept-of-self crystalizes around false notions and a problematic "single-story" of fallibility, inadequacy, inferiority and unlovableness.  Unfortunately, over time this "single-story" becomes the framework through which we come to perceive ourselves in the world, resulting in a diminished sense of self.

Cognitive processes of restorative engagement may help you if you've experienced any of the following:
  • ​lingering concerns that you are constantly doing things the wrong way or that there is something wrong with you
  • ​​​frequent self-criticism or harsh judgements about yourself
  • a belief about yourself that you are not adequately smart, motivated or assertive
  • tendency to diminish your self-worth based on the opinions, judgments, and criticisms of others 
  • constant skepticism that anything good will happen for you​

​Restorative Engagement Therapy
 carefully explores the history of your life from both personal and socio-political perspectives. By understanding the historical context of your life, we begin to dismantle any inaccurate "single-story" of deficiency and replace it with a complete and nuanced picture of your most profound life experiences.  Through this process you give voice to the resiliency of your character, which until this point may have felt silenced, unseen and under appreciated.
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Restorative Engagement Therapy infuses principles of social justice with tradi-tional forms of therapy; restoring self-assuredness, human connection, dignity and soulfulness.

The aims of Restorative Engagement Therapy:

1. Restore clients' capacity
    ​for healthy interpersonal

2. Restore the self-
    ​regulatory capacity of
    ​clients' neural circuitry.

3. Rightfully restore clients'
    ​life experiences into a
    ​proper historical context
    ​of resiliency.

4. Restore clients to their
    ​dignified-selves by
    ​addressing the moral
    ​injuries that underlie