Lance Tango
​Marriage Family Therapist 
License# 80517

For years I have witnessed
​how ​internal psycho-biological
​pro​cesses and external ​socio-
​political conditions work in
​combination to shape the
​human ​experience.  However,
​traditional approaches to
​psychotherapy ​have seemed
unwilling ​​to carefully examine
the psychological effects of​ socio-political denigration, discrimination, marginalization, objectification, oppression, subjugation, disenfranchisement and social injustice.

Recognizing how personal experiences of denigration shaped my own childhood, and ultimately shaped my self-concept, much of my adult life has been a lived exploration on how the mind limits itself, compensates for and ultimately overcomes a deficient internalized "single-story."  These lived experiences in combination with my family's historical experiences have formed my multi-layered interests in social-justice, psychological health and societal well-being.

​​​Because my work with clients has consistently revealed the underlying connection between socio-political conditions and personal discord, I eventually began infusing principles of social-justice with traditional forms of psychotherapy. Ultimately, this resulted in Restorative Engagement Therapy, a holistic approach to therapy which is designed to engage both cognitive (rational) and affective (emotional) structures of the mind - restoring the soul's capacity for self-affirming perception and interoception (internal emotional sensations).​​

Along with the therapeutic services I offer through my private practice in Pasadena, my professional experiences in the mental health field have included years of providing therapeutic and counseling services at a community counseling center ​in Mid-City Los Angeles and working at a treatment center in West Los Angeles.  My other professional experiences include working within organizations to foster more empowered employees, improved morale, values-based business approaches and talent-driven business development.

Educational Experience:
     Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology
          - Antioch University, Los Angeles
     Bachelor of Sciences, Biological Sciences
          - California State University, Fullerton
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Pasadena therapist, Lance Tango offers intelligent and sensible therapy to clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area.
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Restorative Engagement Therapy infuses principles of social justice with tradi-tional forms of therapy; restoring self-assuredness, human connection, dignity and soulfulness.

The aims of Restorative Engagement Therapy:

1. Restore clients' capacity
    ​for healthy interpersonal

2. Restore the self-
    ​regulatory capacity of
    ​clients' neural circuitry.

3. Rightfully restore clients'
    ​life experiences into a
    ​proper historical context
    ​of resiliency.

4. Restore clients to their
    ​dignified-selves by
    ​addressing the moral
    ​injuries that underlie